Q: What is Monk Fruit?

A: Monk Fruit is a green melon that grows on vines in central Asia. It has been cultivated for centuries in Asia and has been recently re-discovered as an ingredient ideally suited for sweetening foods and beverages. Monk Fruit Extract is about 150 times sweeter than sugar and contributes zero calories and carbohydrates per serving.

Q: Is Nevella® Monk Fruit To Go safe for people with diabetes?

A: Yes! This product is a perfect alternative to sugar for those with diabetes.

Q: Is Nevella® Monk Fruit To Go calorie and carbohydrate free?

A: Yes! This product contains no calories or carbohydrates so you can feel great about indulging yourself anywhere and any time you want.

Q: Is Nevella® Monk Fruit To Go gluten free?

A: Yes, this product contains no glutens.

Q: How is such a small package of sweetener able to sweeten as much as a carton of powdered sweetener?

A: Nevella® Monk Fruit To Go is far more concentrated than powdered Monk Fruit and is able to deliver the same sweetness with a smaller amount.

Q: How many packets of sweetener is the same as what's in 1 bottle of Nevella® Monk Fruit To Go?

A: 40 packets or the equivalent of 80 teaspoons of sugar.

Q: Is Nevella® Monk Fruit To Go all natural?

A: No. This product is composed almost entirely of Monk Fruit and water, but does contain a small amount of preservatives that allow it to maintain its level of concentration and sweetness while not needing to be refrigerated.